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Remember when missy elliott was on punk’d and was about to bust up that jewelry store over her missing chains?

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But why is it so wrong that I wanna talk to you?








damn damn damn damn damn damn *weeps*


This broke my heart more than the actual shooting.


the origin of Drake’s trust issues

the bolded lmao


“This broke my heart more than the actual shooting.”

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JUST a Good Deed (No Good Deed) nightmare.

I was running from Idris Elba in my dream last night. Right into a gigantic AMAZING housing complex. I mean these apartments were huge! Built like triple-sized townhouses. Some had basements & attics, others had very spacey living rooms with the kitchen, bathroom & bedroom upstairs visible from the first floor! ANYWAY I ran inside, found my way into one of the first floor living spaces looking for another way out I SAW HIM walking calmly outside the solid thick glass apt door, didn’t think he saw me. When I tried to exit that apartment & head into another, he stepped back and I immediately ran upstairs & hid, the people living inside is now panicking, I saw him go into the room down the hall, that was my chance I got up, ran down the stairs and into a different apartment which was way bigger. Had 4 floors including the basement & attic. He was nowhere behind. I ran into THIS GUY who was out on the balcony with a friend, I pleaded with him to help me get away from this man and that if he didn’t, the man was going to kill me… He was stunned and quick reacting, he immediately hid me and not too long after up came Idris Elba, I heard them speaking but barely then I didn’t hear anything for a while. Then POP he opens this metal door I was hidden in & said “You weren’t kidding, we have to go!” We came in plenty close altercations and scuffles with Idris but mainly the guy to see that I got away but each time I would look back looking for him. By now the other residents have called the police due to all the ruckus, the police eventually caught him. EVENTUALLY I’m able to get back in my car but this guy wouldn’t leave my side so we’re in the car talking, a little laughing at this point…He didn’t want me to leave the city that night and go back home so we ended up back at that apartment so of course being with a guy who JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE becomes extremely arousing after the situation is resolved. So now I’m in his bathroom questioning rather this is what it is…or not. He peeps inside the bathroom, checks on me. I think maybe this is my chance…then I see that his mom & another guy is now there. Observing the scene I told him I had a question I needed to ask him. I never got the chance to ask him but I was pretty sure he was gay. My life.

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